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Classical Guitar HD


Classical Guitar HD is the best acoustic guitar simulator on Android. To use this virtual and intuitive classical guitar only place your fingers on the fretboard to make chords and play your music. You can learn and play accompaniment for your favorite songs.Beginners can download the chords or tabs from the web, and practice and learn how to play songs with rhythm, while creating their tracks. For more advanced guitarists, it will serve as a tool for composing accompaniments for their musical creations.
Unlike other applications, it is very easy to use. Just tap the strings on a note, and the chord will play, in the major or minor desired tone.
- All major and minor chords intuitively arranged on the guitar neck- Tap frets on the fretboard to play chords.- Classic guitar sounds recorded on a nylon guitar with studio quality- HQ images- Make your jam sessions just using your cell or tablet and record an unlimited number of notes from your songs or riffs. Record, repeat and do playback on your sessions.- Suitable for Spanish guitar performers.- Use the tablature from your songs and play on Classical Guitar HD
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- 所有主要和次要和弦直观地排列在吉他琴颈- 在指板塔苦恼弹奏和弦。- 记录在尼龙吉他与录音室品质的古典吉他的声音- 总部图片- 让你的即兴演奏会,或只是用你的平板电脑,并记录无限数量的从你的歌曲或即兴演奏音符。记录,回放的重复,做你的会话。- 适用于西班牙吉他演奏家。- 从你的歌曲用指法和古典吉他播放高清